About Us

Juli & Jocelyn presenting their work on digital breakouts to other educators at a technology conference.

We are Lux.

Lux Play Date Escapes is a brand new company founded during the time of Covid-19 to provide young people with a unique opportunity to stay authentically and safely connected with one another.

Founders Jocelyn and Juli, both elementary educators, have been creating breakout experiences for their students for years. They recognized that there was a unique need in their community during this time, and felt they had the skill set and passion to fill it!


Juli has ten years of experience working as a library media specialist. She loves combining her passions for working with young people, children's literature, and educational technology on a daily basis!


Jocelyn is an experienced elementary school teacher, bilingual educator, and STEM K-5 facilitator. She loves creating engaging activities that call upon young people's problem-solving and imaginative minds.

Meet Maggie, our Game Master

Maggie is originally from Pittsburgh, moved to New York for grad school, and has been living here for four years. She loves dogs, reading, being outside, and says she is "so excited to take part in this amazing business!"