My child has never done an escape room before! Can (s)he do this one?

YES! We suggest you take our age recommendations into consideration when selecting your booking, but know that they are also intended to be a guide. Your game master will help your child work through the experience to ensure it is appropriately challenging without being overly frustrating.

How do I know if a Play Date Escape is appropriate for my child?

Is your child looking for something new to try? Do they like puzzles, or otherwise exercising their brain? Are they a fan of choose your own adventure stories or experiences? Do they enjoy spending time with friends? Are they complaining of being BORED? If you answered YES to any one of these questions, Play Date Escapes were designed with your child in mind! Children participating in escape room experiences find them to be entertaining and engaging. The live hosted format encourages children to collaborate with one another and share their success!

Out of the mouth of babes:

"You feel proud after completing it."

"The best thing about this is using my brain in a fun way."

"I loved finding all the hints and answering all the fun questions."

"You have a lot of fun and you challenge your thinking."


I've never done an escape room before. What is a Play Date Escape actually like?

All participants will log in to Zoom at the appropriate time. They will be paired with a Lux game master, who is responsible for running and overseeing the experience. The game master will begin by explaining how the breakout works, including the applicable rules. He or she will then read the breakout scenario, or story around which the breakout revolves. The timer is then set for 60 minutes and participants begin to make decisions about how they want to move through the scenario. They will have to explore the world, gathering clues and solving smaller puzzles before being able to successfully "break out"! Throughout the experience the game master will guide participants and provide hints if necessary. If the breakout isn't completed within the allotted 60 minutes, the game master will explain any remaining clues to participants so they know how the scenario ends.

About how long does each Play Date Escape last?

Plan for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Approximately 10 minutes for directions, ~1 hour for the experience, and 5 minutes for debrief at the end.

If you're booking to celebrate a special event, please note you can also book additional time in the Zoom room to use as you please (cake cutting, gift opening, etc.)

Why are Play Date Escapes limited to 8 participants?

We have found that allowing more than 8 participants can have an impact on the quality of the experience. We want all players to feel that they've contributed to the group escape effort, so we strongly recommend that you limit your group size. If you feel you need flexibility on these guidelines, please contact us. For larger parties we may suggest running two simultaneous breakouts in tandem.

Do parents have to accompany their children as they participate?

Not at all! While we are happy to accomodate families playing a virtual escape together, children are welcome to participate in this experience independently (they may need a bit of help signing into Zoom first)! Your game master will ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the experience.

Is pricing per child or per Zoom screen?

Pricing for a Lux Play Date is per participant, regardless of how many Zoom screens will be logged in to the breakout. We strongly encourage families to follow appropriate social distancing protocols.

I can no longer make the time/date I signed up for. What can I do?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds; however, you may reschedule your escape experience through our booking software with more than 24 hours notice. Please email luxplaydateescapes@gmail.com if you need assistance rescheduling your escape.

No shows with no notice given will be charged the entire cost of the escape. Please make sure all participants arrive on time to your experience to ensure you have the full hour to attempt your escape!

I registered for a certain number of participants, but now I'd like to add one (or more). How do I do that?

We are able to accomodate this by manually charging the fee for the additional participant(s) to the credit card you used while booking. If you would like to add additional participants to your booking, please email us at luxplaydateescapes@gmail.com.

Once I book a reservation, can I change the Play Date Escape activity?

Yes, if you decide you'd prefer to participate in a different room than you initially registered for, please email us at luxplaydateescapes@gmail.com at your earliest convenience so we can be prepared for the appropriate game. Please don't forget to include your booking name and date in your email!

What do we need to participate in a play date escape?

We use Zoom to host our live breakouts, so please make sure you are able to open that on your internet-connected device prior to the start of your scheduled time. We recommend using a desktop, laptop, or tablet for optimum experience, but a smaller screen such as a phone will also work.

Other than that, all you'll need is a paper, pen/pencil, and excited child(ren)!

Have another question we didn't address here? Please email us at any time and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!