"My kids had fun on a rainy day with their Lux Play Date Escape Room! They are already talking about wanting to do the next one! It was so nice to hear them working together to solve this puzzle, and on a rainy summer day with no where to go, it was perfect!! Thanks so much for creating it!"

- Amy, mom of 9 and 11 year olds

"It was hard and fun. It was difficult to solve the problems. I liked investigating with friends."

- Landon, age 9

"This is such an awesome idea! I hope you can offer a large variety so the kids can keep scheduling them!"

- Jamie, mom of 6 and 9 year olds

"I liked doing it with my friends!"

- Colin, age 6

"I loved it because there was so much suspense!"

- Bruno, age 9

"If someone is a big fan of Harry Potter like I am and likes to think really hard then this [School of Sorcery and Secrecy] is perfect for them."

- Jayden, age 9

"The games [Lux Heist and Escape the Haunted Carnival] were both so different but so cool and a lot of fun! It's great because you can play them both and not get bored because there are different mysteries to solve."

- Amara, age 11

"The Lux Bank was a fun activity because it was about a robbery and it was really fun to figure out who was the robber!"

- Oliver, age 8

"This [School of Sorcery and Secrecy] was a lot of fun! I would definitely do a breakout game again!"

- Caitlin, age 16

"I thought it was really fun, I didn't think it was too challenging, it was the just right amount of challenging."

- Stephanie, age 10

"It was good because it was so much fun for all ages. Our group had ages 6-16 and we all enjoyed it!"

- Scarlett, age 12

"My boyfriend and I completed the Sorcery and Secrecy escape room, and let me just say- this is not just for kids! Even as adults, we had so much fun and found it challenging. The game master was amazing- she hooked us in immediately with a great backstory and kept us engaged and supported throughout the breakout. Overall it was a magical experience!"

- Maddie, age 27

"The Sorcery and Secrecy escape room was so much fun! I didn't expect there to be so many rooms, puzzles, and challenges. I was impressed with how everything tied together."

- Andrew, age 26

"I highly recommend Lux's Escape Rooms. My kids, ages 9 and 11, just finished their 3rd one. Having the kids do the Escape Room gave me over an hour of 'kid free brain space'. Knowing the kids were occupied with a brain teaser and in good hands, I was able to get some things done, and not worry if they were getting into mischief! They really enjoyed it, and are looking forward to the next one!"

- Amy (repeat customer), mom of 9 and 11 year olds

"My son thoroughly enjoyed the two breakout sessions he played and is eager to do another!"

- Sean, dad of a 9 year old